Sandy Wu

Welcome! My name is Sandy, and I offer effective holistic therapies to support your wellness through yoga, nutrition, and body work. My practice is rooted in eastern wisdom and is applicable for modern life. I love all things that provoke expansion and awareness of our truest self, that which is already radiant and whole. I am inspired by the intelligence of nature and the traditions of our ancestors, and coming together to practice our highest intentions. I currently study Acupuncture at PCU College of Holistic Medicine in BC, Canada, and when I am not teaching or practicing yoga, you are likely to find me plotting my next epic adventure or perhaps getting lost in a forest or playing in the ocean.

If you are interested to book a service with me, please get in touch at sandy@livingearthwisdom.com.


• 200-Hour Akhanda Hatha & Pre-Natal YTT with Yogrishi Vishvketu | Anand Prakash Ashram, Rishikesh, India

• 30-Hour YYoga Mentorship with Mike Nichols | YYoga, Vancouver, BC

• 40-Hour YTT Traditional Kundalini with Yogrishi Vishvketu | Anand Prakash Ashram, Rishikesh, India

• 300-Hour Vinyasa & Restorative YTT + Foundations of Ayurveda & Marma Point Therapy with Rachel Hull & Dr. Sujatha Kekada | Shakti Spirit Yoga, Bali, Indonesia

• 35-Hour Yin YTT with Bernie Clarke | Semperviva Yoga College, Vancouver, BC

• 10.5 Hour Yoga Nidra YTT with Michele E. Denis | Semperviva Yoga College, Vancouver, BC

• 32-Hour Ascension Aerial YTT with Shanti School of Yoga | Anamaya Retreat Center, Montezuma, Costa Rica

• 200-Hour Kundalini YTT with Rebecca Pflaum | Naya Academy of Inspired Arts, Ubud, Indonesia

• 70-Hour YHot YTT with Kristen Campbell | YYoga, Vancouver, BC


• Journey into Healing & Sound Mediation Immersion with M.D. Deepak Chopra | UC San Diego School of Medicine

• First Degree Usui System of Reiki with Julia Sullivan | Vancouver, BC

• Dipl. of Holistic Nutrition (R.H.N.) | Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Vancouver, BC

• Adv. Certificate of Mindfulness & Neuropsychoendocrinology of Nutrition | Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Vancouver, BC

• 60-Hr Certificate of Thai Massage | Sunshine Massage Network, Chiang Mai, Thailand

• Dharma Healing International Teacher Training Fasting Course with Hillary Han | Koh Samui, Thailand

• Certificate of Reflexology with Dr. Akuh Suryana | Ubud Healing Center, Bali, Indonesia

• Oneness Deeksha Awakening Course with Punnu Wasu | Yoga Barn, Bali, Indonesia

• Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong Teacher Training with Dr. TCM Peter Caughley | Radiantly Alive Yoga, Bali, Indonesia

• Dipl. of Acupuncture (present) | PCU College of Holistic Medicine, Burnaby, BC

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